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Treelasticpad is a simple notes organizer and e-book publishing tool
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Elixoft Development
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12 June 2008

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You always wanted someone who could organize and arranged all your notes for you. Managing notes is both time consuming and mind boggling. But not anymore, TreelasticPad is finally there for your rescue. It is an easy to download, install and use notes manager. The notes manager is based on tree structure system of organizing. TreelasticPad comes all power packed with numerous functions and features to help you get rid of all worries of managing your notes. It has all major functions associated with any powerful word processors. It has powerful and transparent encryption and compression processes. The best feature about the software is that it comes with a unique customizable interface. This allows users to customize the software in terms of his preferences for toolbars, languages etc.

The software does a multitude of functions for you. It can help you to store, organize and manage various applications like notes, books, documents, images, links, web pages etc. And all this is organized within just one file. Simplicity personified! Even while it has some great features and menus, the software is terribly easy to install and use and even a computer novice can use it. The Rich Text Editor of TreelasticPad supports a plethora of applications like Images, Tables, Hyperlinks, and Bookmarks etc. The software has the Drag & Drop function capability so that there is no need to copy paste every time. The transparent compression allows compressing the contents of files using the simple "compressed" attribute of the properties functions. Another great and unique feature is the Unicode support which allows the user to edit the text in practically any language on this planet that one can think of! Choosing the "Outline font" option displays the tree titles and allows search in notes in a variety of languages. The software also provides extra data safeguard. It is fully compatible with any operating system post Windows 2000.

Publisher's description

Treelasticpad is a simple, intuitive computer notes organizer and e-book publishing tool. The program enables you to jot down and collect all kinds of notes, including ideas, to-do lists, tasks, cooking recipes, famous quotations, links and just about anything you can imagine. The notes are organized into a structured tree where any note is just a click away. The notes are created and edited in a built-in text editor that among other features has Unicode and bi-directional text support for entering notes in most any world language.
Adding a note is a breeze to do. By default, Treelasticpad sits in the tray as an icon waiting for you to enter a new note.
You can combine multiple notes and resources, such as graphics, photos into a single e-book (.mht). The tree structure of the menu in the e-book preserves the structure and arrangement of notes in the source project.
Other key notes include the abilities to mark out important notes with flags, pins and icons, output notes to DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML and MHTML, run Treelasticpad from a pluggable USB drive from any computer when you are away from home. You also have an opportunity to personalize the look and feel of the program to fit your personality and mood.
Version 1.0.3
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